Monday, October 19, 2009

ALA, American Library Association's Teen Read Week

by Jia Gayles
The American Library Association kicked off Teen Read Week on October 18th. This year's theme is "Read Beyond Reality." The purpose of this special week is to remind teens that one of the greatest forms of entertainment is reading, which is "free, fun and can be done anywhere." If there are any teens out there (or adults) looking for some fabulous books to celebrate Teen Read Week, we have several great offerings from a few of TKA's young adult authors...

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Accidents, Wedding Anniversary, and Threats

By Baby, Sullivan County, New York
All week I planned for our 1st wedding anniversary today, but I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday. Almost everyday he called me from work for the last 2 weeks, but nothing Thursday and Friday. He told me he would be home Friday afternoon, so I waited, and crazy thoughts flew through my mind. Did he meet someone? Did he have an accident? Was he asked to stay on through the weekend until the job was done? Why hasn't he called?

As I started to cry, all of a sudden I heard a crash in front of our house. It was my honey, and he hit my car, but he was home on time! I laughed a little as he took a spill on ice running to me, but he almost died laughing as I slipped myself when I ran to help him. He then crawled to me and we kissed on the cold concrete until my bare legs couldn't take it anymore, so I tried to kick him playfully to get him off me, but injured my baby! I kneed him in the jewels, but since it wasn't sever, I was able to help him inside.

As I brought him ice I noticed his face on the right side was burned and scabbed. I was so happy to see him before I didn't even notice. He then explained to me that his cell phone blew up in his face after he called me Wednesday night, and had to spend two nights in the hospital. My honey was hurt and I didn't know! I felt like hitting again, but he pulled me down on the couch and we kissed and fondled like crazy, followed by uh-hmm.

Even though we were both tired for not sleeping the night before, today was so perfect. We went all night Friday to the wee morning... arguing about the ringing in his ear. Hopefully we don't go through that again tonight or I'll send him to work a day early. Happy anniversary honey!

GMA Volunteer Work for Manila Flood Victims

By Aubrey
Last night, my friends and I did volunteer at the GMA Foundation specifically in repacking relief goods for the victims of the flood. We wanted to do this at ABS-CBN coz I heard they really have a lot of relief goods for donation, but we heard they were no longer accepting volunteers as there were already a lot of them there. We also tried Red Cross but they still need to schedule us.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Homeland Security TSA Agent Takes Baby

By Nic, child's mother
(No... she didn't submit this post. Please read our Mission.)

My worst nightmare took place yesterday. Worse than events that have taken place and that I have survived in my short 28 years of living. Worse than my wildest of dreams could conjure.

My son was taken from me. Taken. My son was taken from me by the TSA agents at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport yesterday. He was taken away from me and OUT OF MY SIGHT because his pacifier clip went off when I carried him through the metal detector.

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Update from Nic's blog, 17 Oct 09:
"My Apologies"

People's Blog: Featured writers and bloggers

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

They use this insurance company all the time...

By Jeff A.
So I am stuck now waiting on the insurance company to give my dentist the OK to go ahead with the procedure. I am trying to reason it all out in my mind and not getting very far. Essentially I am waiting for someone who takes my money and then makes me beg to get it back.

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Angela Palmer's Ghana Ghost Forest Project

By The Pale Observer

A petite pervasive Scottish blond woman arrived on Ghanaian soil two years ago with a vision. A bizarre and complicated vision. She wanted to uproot 10 massive rainforest tree stumps, and have them shipped to the UK. Each is the size of a gnarled house...

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