Monday, September 28, 2009

Homeless Rescues Stranded Driver on Los Angeles Freeway

Submitted by Jenny, California
On the way to work last Saturday, my car broke down on the 110 Freeway, and not one person stopped to help me for over an hour. Cars were moving at a snails pace because of a traffic jam, so I figured someone would take the time to help me out, but they just passed me by. I couldn't call anyone because my cell phone was dead. One jerk even called me an asshole stating I'm on an emergency lane, like I stopped to stretch! Just when I was about to walk to the next exit to get away from the fumes of the vehicles stuck in traffic, a car pulled on the shoulder in front of my car and the driver came to assist me. At first I was scared of this person who looked like he haven't shaved in days, wearing a baseball cap, driving a Ford that looked like a stuffed burrito, but when his daughter waved back to me from his car, I knew I was in good hands. His name was Mike, and him and his family have been living in their car for almost a year. My heros are homeless. While towing my car I met his beautiful daughters, Emily and Jenna, and his beautiful wife Leah. He told me the whole story how he lost his home to foreclosure due to losing his job after his factory closed. They came to California looking for work with no success, so they were leaving for Utah when they came across me. During our time in traffic I was given drinks, played cards with his kids and wife. When he dropped me off I thanked them, just wish I asked them for their number if they had a cell phone. Mike, wherever you are in Utah, I want to say thanks again. You and your family are in my thoughts.


  1. Don't things like this just restore your faith in humanity? The most generous people (I have found), are those with the least to spare. God sees Mike and his family, and ultimately, they will be okay. You are a good man, Tom, to recognize this in others. That tells me you yourself possess this same quality of taking the crumb and giving the loaf. God bless you!
    Much Love,

  2. The kindness of strangers means so much. Good luck to Mike and his very generous family.

  3. What an inspirational story. And what a beautiful, giving family.

    And I love the concept for your blog!

  4. I'm with Miss Peach Tart...In the words of the tortured Blanche, "I have always depended upon the kindness of strangahs."